Conflict between kcontrol->style->misc->"enable tooltips" and kcontrol->panel->apparence->"show tooltips"

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Tue Aug 27 09:00:40 BST 2002

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On Tuesday 27 August 2002 05:19, Laurent Montel wrote:
> Le Tuesday 27 August 2002 09:48, Laurent Montel a écrit :
> > Hi,
> > there is two area where we can define "show tooltips"
> > This two config can modify QToolTip::setGloballyEnabled( b );
> >
> > it's not a good idea !
> > "Style " attribute is global to kde and not kicker attribute.
> > So I think that we must remove this config to panel.
> > I create a patch for MDK3.0.3 so I can modify kde3.1cvs....
> >
> > Reagrds.
> What do you think about this patch ?
> I remove this action to kcontrol->panel ....

please don't. while i am most deffinitely not a fan of duplicating settings 
everywhere, there are times this is necessary.

e.g. we don't have just one font setting across the desktop for use everywhere 
because your standard font may not make sense in both konqueror and kate. so 
they have font settings of their own.

with tooltips it is similar: while tooltips enabled across the desktop are a 
good thing, many people do NOT want tooltips on kicker. and vice versa. this 
was a commonly requested feature and makes sense since kicker has unique 
interface needs compared to the rest of the desktop.

so this duplication wasn't an oversight or an accident: it was purposeful.

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