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Vadim Plessky lucy-ples at mtu-net.ru
Tue Aug 27 09:48:25 BST 2002

On Tuesday 20 August 2002 11:40 am, Stephan Kulow wrote:
|  Am Montag 19 August 2002 23:35 schrieb Raffaele Sandrini:
|  > > Do you have other input? I guess, most of you have no
|  > > idea how our current bug system looks like internally, so it
|  > > will be mostly about using BTSs - please tell me, but leave
|  > > out emotions if you can ;)
|  >
|  > I filled several bugs at Mozilla and i think that their bugsystem is a
|  > kind a weird. First i had to register and i think that a major
|  > (hemschwelle) reson to no fill the bug. I also not like that whole web
|  > based stuff... The
|  Actually if you think like that, you didn't work as developer with the
| system. Quality of bug reports is much higher rated than quantity. We don't

And IMHO quality of bugs reported to bugs.kde.org is *much higher* than for 
Mozilla. I have checked (several times, before this moment) Mozilla's bug 
database, it's really weird!
Information is difficult to find, and system is not very responsive.

| want people to enter a fake address and enter "it sucks", we want them to
| be aware, that they become part of the development process when they enter
| bugs.

Still I think that requirtment to register is *too restrictive*.
I am regualry checking KHTML/KJS bugs, so far I haven't found fake e-mail 

|  Greetings, Stephan


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