[PATCH] Themed KMessageBox Icons

Raffaele Sandrini sandrini at kde.org
Mon Aug 26 05:05:05 BST 2002

On Monday 26 August 2002 03:09, Ryan Cumming wrote:
> Hi,
> This patch allows the icon theme to override the standard KMessageBox
> icons. If an icon theme does not provide themed message box icons, the
> defaults will be used.
> As Maksim pointed out, this does not help Qt apps at all :(
> Oh, and the obligatory screenshots are here:
> http://completely.kicks-ass.org/messagebox-old.png
> http://completely.kicks-ass.org/messagebox-new.png
> -Ryan

Looks cool.

Raffaele Sandrini <sandrini at kde.org>

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