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Ingo Klöcker kloecker at kde.org
Sat Aug 24 00:44:48 BST 2002

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On Fri, 23 Aug 2002 23:30:05 +0300, Eli Wapniarski wrote:
> I have become so frustrated with installation of KDE. To sum up, I do
> not believe that the correct approach to making a desktop easy to use
> is to have a completely new Linux distribution to get easy to install
> installation of any desktop, or to have to recompile KDE entirely
> from scratch to get bug fixes is not an easy thing to do either.
> Besides, compiling KDE from scratch is not quick, or easy.

It is easy if you follow the instructions. But of course compilitation 
time can't be short for such a huge amount of code.

> I am using Redhat 7.2 and KDE

That's the problem. If you want a good KDE installation then don't use 

> Now.. there is a security problem with konqueror which has been fixed
> in 3.0.3. I tried to download the RPMs from your sight for Redhat 7.3
> when I ran rpm -Uvh --test there were all sorts of dependancy issues.

You shouldn't use rpm directly but the installation program which comes 
with your distribution. A good installation program will resolve all 
dependancy issues without the user noticing any problems.

> That's OK I running Redhat 7.2 and Redhat compiled the kde libraries
> with funny names. but the one that really got me was that
> kdebase-3.0.3-7 required kdelibs-3.0.3-10 or higher which of course
> does not exist. I realize that this is a Redhat problem, but...

What but...? If you know that this is a Redhat problem then it's 
probably time for changing to another distribution.

> Having an installation as big as KDE and having the libraries
> dynamically linked is a real pain in the butt and is creating a major
> mess for you guys and for me. I think it would be a good idea to get
> your libraries statically linked. Why?... Because it would make the
> release of bug fixes much easier.

And it would blow up each of the 300+ KDE application which I have 
installed from a few tens or hundreds KBytes to several MBytes. Just 
have a look at Netscape Communicators size. Now multiply this size by 
300. Do you really want to download several KDE programs of this size?

Last but not least, I have to reiterate that we only provide source 
packages. Providing binaries is what the distributors are paid for by 
you when you by their product. And if your distributor doesn't fit your 
needs then either sent your complaints to him or try another 
distribution. I'm personally still satisfied with SuSE which cares a 
lot more for KDE than Redhat ever did.


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