[RFC] bugzilla import finished for the moment

Stephan Kulow coolo at kde.org
Thu Aug 22 19:11:56 BST 2002


Please check out bugzilla.kde.org. We imported tons of user accounts,
products, components and bug reports from bugs.kde.org. So please
get there, change your password (the user accounts are the only thing
that we won't create from the group up in a week or so :), browse around,
query bugs, vote for bugs - basicly play around with the system and come
up with suggestions. 

bugzilla.kde.org contains the bug reports as of today and any change
you do there and any new bug you report there will be discarded, so
don't hesitate - but note that mails are sent for changes, so include
the word test in any comment :)

The actual HTML layout is still work in progress, don't worry about it.
BTW: bugzilla.kde.org/reports.cgi can generate nice charts on the
progress I made with importing.

Greetings, Stephan [in the name of the buzilla migration team]

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