[PATCH] Disable Klipper Actions by Default

Carsten Pfeiffer carpdjih at sp.zrz.tu-berlin.de
Wed Aug 21 21:18:32 BST 2002


On Monday 19 August 2002 16:02, Yenar Calentaure wrote:


I'm a bit late for the discussion, but I didn't have any time, earlier. 

I have to say, klipper in 3.0.x is sadly a bit buggy and might have popped up 
the action-popup at kind-of random times. That's surely annoying, but fixed 
in CVS, I hope.

> Another option/proposal/idea: assign new shortcut to <run default action
> on selected text> and add it to "tip of the day" database displayed
> after login. This is probably least intrusive - only concern is if user
> will discover it...

I think a Kandalf-tip for Ctrl-Alt-R would be a good idea.

> Another idea: add option "disable this popup" option to popup menu
> (don't know if this is good idea... if someone accidentally turns it off
> and won't figure out what happened with that cool feature).

I still think this automatic popup is a nice feature and if such a "Disable 
this Popup" would be available, those people annoyed by it, would find it 

With the actions disabled by default, hardly anyone is going to find them.

> Or display dialog asking what to do when user triggers the popup
> condition for first time - enable popup menu, run default action
> automatically or disable actions at all. Probably most convenient (and
> will distract user only once if he doesn't like it). The question is:
> would be adding extra configfile entry/option (or whatever is used to
> determine state) acceptable?

That's similar to the "Disable this" menu-entry, but confonts the user with a 
"Decide now" action, when he didn't even want to think about that. I'd prefer 
the former.

> If i understand correctly what the original poster proposed, it will
> appear immediately and disappear after 10 seconds.

That's how it works at the moment.

> > I'd vote for disabling klipper actions, too, people are used to
> > "select/Ctrl+C/focus on browser/Ctrl+V", so just make that work as they
> > expect it.

Yeah, people are used to console based apps on Linux, why develop a desktop?

Carsten Pfeiffer


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