[PATCH] Disable Klipper Actions by Default

Rizsanyi Zsolt rizsanyi at myrealbox.com
Tue Aug 20 14:12:53 BST 2002

On Tuesday 20 August 2002 01:48, Hans Meine wrote:
> Hi everybody!
> Rizsanyi Zsolt <rizsanyi at myrealbox.com> writes:
> > BUT the actions popup does not works the best. It comes sometimes when I
> > dont need it, and does not come automatically when I need it.
> Right.
> > Yes there is shortcut to open the popup, but the problem is that the
> > popup is not usable with keayboard, so it is awkward to release the
> > mouse and use a keyboard shortcut to start it.
> I don't understand you - I can use the popup with the keyboard.

Hmm. Now it works. I dont know what was the problem.
But I think, that there must be a way to get the action menu with mouse. Now 
the only way for a new user to get the menu is to open the Preferences... 
menu, and look at the shortcuts.
There is no way to access it with mouse!!! That's a big usability issue.

> > So there would be needed for any easy mouse shortcut to open the actions
> > menu. Eg. the LMB could open the action menu, while the RMB could open
> > the current menu (or switch the buttons).
> IMHO too complicated. For me, a keyboard shortcut is the best working
> solution and I also found the sudden popup distracting _especially for
> other "normal" people_ (like my father).

You are probably right. But then the action menu should be submenu of the 
current, or any better solution than that.
(I would prefer to put the history of the clipboard to a submenu, and put the 
actions in the place of it. I dont use too frequently that clipboard history. 
YMMV. So maybe there could be some config options for it. Of course feel free 
to come up with a better idea :) )

> > This way there would be no need for the automatic action menu popup (at
> > least not by default), and the issue would be solved...
> (For the records:) I want to add my vote to disabling of the default
> popping-up, too.

Me too :), just I want the mouse access of action menu added too, if somebody 
is already looking into it...


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