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Marc Mutz Marc.Mutz at uni-bielefeld.de
Wed Aug 21 17:31:03 BST 2002

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On Wednesday 21 August 2002 16:03, Daniel Naber wrote:
> You might want to work
> on things that users need (or better: that they think they need), but
> I guess that most developers want to work on things that are fun for
> them. And that's the basic problem: people will vote and 90% of the
> developers won't care. Then users will be disappointed, even more so
> when they actually donated money.

I see the masses voting for client-side filtering of IMAP messages in 
KMail, although that's totally banana. If the amount reaches $1000, 
someone unrelated will step up, implement it for the money and go away. 
Wow. And we end up maintaining the sh*t - without payment.

I for one agree with Daniel's assesment. I want to work on the things I 
like, not on what users think they want. I want to implement things 
right, not fast. I want to implement things when they're ripe in my 
head, not when they're en vogue in the user community.

I am not against collecting money to further development, but I am 
against collecting money to shove developers into implementing 

Hey, why not consider ages of _bug_ reports, and assign from the pool of 
donated money to each bug report with a key based on severity and age?

base = 10*#crashes + 5*#grave + #normal bugs
money(crash solved) = 10 * available money / base
money(grave solved) =  5 * available money / base
money(normal solved) =    available money / base
money(wish fulfilled) = 0


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