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On Wednesday 21 August 2002 07:03 am, David Boddie wrote:
> If you decide to continue using the panoramic features over an
> extended period of time, I'd be interested in the strategies you adopt
> for positioning your windows on the desktop, and how these change over
> time. This area couldn't be investigated by simple, short term
> usability tests but I find it one of the more interesting lines of
> enquiry.
Short term:
	My fiance (an electrical engineer, so someone who is technical in nature) has 
always found virtual desktops to be inconvenent and never used them.  
Panoramic desktop on the otherhand she jumped right into.  There where some 
complaints about the update speed, but she is on a slower machine.  
	For me after 5+ years of using the pager it took me a little longer to get 
into it.  After I got use to it I found it to be very useful.  I still have 
problems with active boarders, but i think thats a prefs thing.

Long Term:
	Still working on it.  The pager I can say is VERY usable, but I am still 
trying to rethink the size issue.  I have been watching jess too.  So far so 

The only problem with this that I have seen so far, is that window redraw is 
very slow.  While not your problem this agrivates a QT/KDE issue.

Overall very nice, what are the chances you would see this developed into 3.2?

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