Panoramic desktop

Richard Moore rich at
Wed Aug 21 12:18:22 BST 2002

David Boddie wrote:
> On Tue, 20 Aug 2002 10:06:05, Ian Reinhart Geiser wrote:
> > This is very nice...
> > I guess my only complaint, was with the pager.  While it is infinitely
> > easier to use and to manage screens than anything I have ever seen it
> > just takes up way to much realestate.  Unless user have a 128 pixel
> > kicker it would not make a very effective doc applet, and I am not sure
> > I like it as an always on top window.
> Sometimes I find that it is quite annoying to use when it is "always on
> top" because it can obscure menus and the spinning "K" icon in Konqueror.
> Curiously, though, I hardly ever use the taskbar to turn this feature
> off.
> I don't tend to resize it, either, as it's harder to use when it's tiny.
> An earlier iteration of the pager would sit on the screen as a small
> window until the cursor moved over it. When this happened, it would
> become larger so that the user could interact with it. This was
> regarded as being unfriendly to users because the rescaling would make
> targetting parts of the window difficult.
> I imagine that, at its tiniest, it could fit on the panel, but then it
> would probably only be useful as an indicator like the minipager.

Why not try making it a panel extension, rather than an applet. That way
it can dock to the corner of the screen etc. but avoid the size
of a panel applet.


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