proposal for bugzilla products

Stephan Kulow coolo at
Tue Aug 20 20:37:00 BST 2002


I went through our packages and 
I think this may be a good products list. Note that
this only lists those products that are component
of other products (beside the ... where I rely on you
to get the right meaning).

Any package on not listed in the attached
file will become a product with a "general" component.

Please look through it and if you have suggestions, how
to change, let me know. I'd try(!) the next day to import
our current bugs into bugzilla using this schema, so you
can then play with it and get an understanding how bugzilla
works. As I expect another round of changes, this won't
be the last import. No need to panic, we will have our current for another year I'm sure :)

Another topic is the automatic creation of user accounts.
As bugzilla allows only comments from registered users,
I have two ways to import comments from
* create an account for every used email address and
  the user has to change the password the first time he
  tries to use bugzilla in the future
* add the comments as dummy account and put in the first
   line of the comment the From.

I'm right now in favor of the first solution as it allows to have
statistics and queries on these fields.

Greetings, Stephan
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alarmd              korganizer alarmd
appletproxy         kicker appletproxy
artsbuilder         arts artsbuilder
artscontrol         arts artscontrol
artsd               arts artsd
atlantikdesigner    atlantik designer
cygwin              configure cygwin
dcopserver          dcop dcopserver
dpkg                binaries dpkg
i18n-af             i18n af
i18n-bg             i18n bg
i18n-br             i18n 
kalarmd             korganizer kalarmd
kasbar              kicker kasbar
kbugreport          kdelibs kbugreport
kcheckpass          kscreensaver kcheckpass
kclockapplet        kicker kclockapplet
kcmaccess           kcontrol kcmaccess
kcmarts             arts kcmarts
kcmaudiocd          kcontrol kcmauiocd
kcmbackground       kcontrol kcmbackground
kdcop               dcop kdcop
kded                kdelibs kded
kdeinit             kdelibs kdeinit
kdeprintfax         kdeprint kdeprintfax
kdesasl             kdelibs kdesasl
kdesud              kdesu kdesud
kdmdesktop          kdm kdmdesktop
kfile               kio kfile
khtml               konqueror khtml
khtmlimage          konqueror khtmlimage
kimgio              kdelibs kimgio
kio-audiocd         kio audiocd
kio-file            kio file
kio-fish            kio fish
kioslave            kio kioslave
kjava               konqueror kjava
kjobviewer          kdeprint kjobviewer
kjs                 kdelibs kjs
klauncher           kdelibs klauncher
klocale             kcontrol klocale
kmailcvt            kmail kmailcvt
koffice-filters     koffice filters
konq-e              konqueror konq-e
kpartsaver          kscreensaver kpartsaver
krdb                kcontrol krdb
ksgmltools          docs ksgmltools
kspell              kdelibs kspell
kssl                kio kssl
kstyle              kdelibs kstyle
ksycoca             kdelibs ksycoca
kthememgr           kcontrol kthememgr
ktux                kscreensaver ktux
kudesigner          kugar kudesigner
kwrite              kate kwrite
kwrited             konsole kwrited
kxsrun              kscreensaver kxsrun
libkdegames         kdelibs libkdegames
libkscan            kooka libkscan
minipagerapplet     kicker minipageapplet
nsplugins           konqueror nsplugins
nspluginscan        konqueror nspluginscan
nspluginviewer      konqueror nspluginviewer
pkgs                binaries pkgs
reaktivate          konqueror reaktivate
rpms                binaries rpms
taskbarapplet       kicker taskbarapplet
xinerama            kdelibs xinerama

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