Short hostnames in URLs

Lubos Lunak l.lunak at
Tue Aug 20 14:42:34 BST 2002

On Saturday 10 August 2002 08:54, Dawit A. wrote:
> >  Unless you know a better place where to put the lookup, I've attached
> > (hopefully final and everybody sufficiently pleasing) another version.
> > The lookup is done in an extra URIFilter, and minicli uses this filter
> > only for the final filtering of the entered command (who cares the icon
> > for local hostnames will be wrong). This makes thing feature work fine in
> > Konqy or wherever else where it doesn't cause any serious problem, and
> > not using it in minicli while typing avoids any possible delays. I've
> > also increased the timeout to 1s.
> Great.  I withdraw my objection then.  This is a much better approach than
> sticking the code into the shorturi filter. Perhaps an option to enable or

 Ok, I'll commit it.

> disable the plugin can be added into the ebrowing module as well ?
> [ ] Enable hostname lookup
> I can add this once you add the plugin if you do not object or you can add

 I don't really consider one DNS lookup per eternity or so worth a checkbox, 
but if you want, feel free to add it.

> it yourself if you want.  One last thing if I may.  Perhaps a bit more
> descriptive name is in order.  For example "domainLookupFilter" which is
> what the plugin effectively does. Anyways, that does not really matter,
> just being picky :)

 I'm a member of the Can't-come-up-with-a-good-name club, you know. But 
actually, 'localdomainurifilter' is quite good, especially when I consider 
the working title which was much worse.

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