[PATCH] Disable Klipper Actions by Default

Ian Reinhart Geiser geiseri at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 19 14:46:28 BST 2002

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Klipper actions are one of those "Geek" Features.  For those who are aware of 
it and use to useing it, its a powerful feature.  For the uninitiated, its 
hell.  For anyone who thinks it should be on by default I invite you to sit 
in my fiance's office and watch her cuss at the desktop as seemingly random 
popup menus take over the screen.

I think we should disable it by default and maby add a power tweak menu enable 
such a feature.  

Really all users care about is that copy and paste work correctly.  Lets make 
sure that works, and then move on from there.
- -ian reinhart geiser
On Monday 19 August 2002 10:02 am, Yenar Calentaure wrote:
> Matthias Welwarsky wrote:
> > On Monday 19 August 2002 05:18, Cristian Tibirna wrote:
> >>Klipper actions are one of those great things that the user wants to have
> >>if he'd know they're available. If it's disabled by default, new users
> >>never will find about it. Chances are in this case they would even banish
> >>klipper completely, which I'd see as a severe step back in KDE's
> >> usability.
> >
> > You assume this, but obviously many (if not most) users are just annoyed
> > by things popping up, distracting them. (Click, Click, mhm, what was that
> > again?) Guess why Binky the Paperclip was such a great success on Windows
> > ;) And his sole purpose was to give clever tips and inform users about
> > all the great new features they'd never find without help.
> Another option/proposal/idea: assign new shortcut to <run default action
> on selected text> and add it to "tip of the day" database displayed
> after login. This is probably least intrusive - only concern is if user
> will discover it...
> Another idea: add option "disable this popup" option to popup menu
> (don't know if this is good idea... if someone accidentally turns it off
> and won't figure out what happened with that cool feature).
> >>If the attention stealing is a problem, then rather make klipper less
> >>intrusive. E.g., instead of popping the menu, making the icon red and
> >> then LMB click on the icon would launch the "default" (or first in the
> >> list) action of the current menu, while the MMB click would pop the
> >> current menu.
> >>
> >>The red icon would come back to normal after a reasonable delay (say 10
> >>seconds).
> Or make it flash for a second or two.
> Or display dialog asking what to do when user triggers the popup
> condition for first time - enable popup menu, run default action
> automatically or disable actions at all. Probably most convenient (and
> will distract user only once if he doesn't like it). The question is:
> would be adding extra configfile entry/option (or whatever is used to
> determine state) acceptable?
> > Well, this is very likely to confuse people even more. They won't be able
> > to relate the "red thingy there" with having selected something in a
> > window, and so they will be extremely confused if they click at it
> > sometime later and konqueror pops up. Especially if the "red thingy"
> > appears 10 seconds after they selected something - that'd be far to long.
> If i understand correctly what the original poster proposed, it will
> appear immediately and disappear after 10 seconds.
> > Sad to admit, but the least intrusive way is IEs' turning normal text
> > into a hyperlink when a webpage is viewed.
> Errm, this is much less general and applies only to KHTML-using apps. In
> kate, or KRichTextEdit or KWord it will be unusable (and if implemented,
> quite intrusive IMHO - how to select part of hyperlinked text for eg.
> deletion?).
> > I'd vote for disabling klipper actions, too, people are used to
> > "select/Ctrl+C/focus on browser/Ctrl+V", so just make that work as they
> > expect it.
> With reasonable default settings, and with option to disable it obvious
> enough, they can be enabled by default IMVHO.
> > regards,
> > 	matze

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