[PATCH] Disable Klipper Actions by Default

Yenar Calentaure yenar at host.sk
Mon Aug 19 15:02:23 BST 2002

Matthias Welwarsky wrote:
> On Monday 19 August 2002 05:18, Cristian Tibirna wrote:
>>Klipper actions are one of those great things that the user wants to have
>>if he'd know they're available. If it's disabled by default, new users
>>never will find about it. Chances are in this case they would even banish
>>klipper completely, which I'd see as a severe step back in KDE's usability.
> You assume this, but obviously many (if not most) users are just annoyed by 
> things popping up, distracting them. (Click, Click, mhm, what was that 
> again?) Guess why Binky the Paperclip was such a great success on Windows ;) 
> And his sole purpose was to give clever tips and inform users about all the 
> great new features they'd never find without help.
Another option/proposal/idea: assign new shortcut to <run default action 
on selected text> and add it to "tip of the day" database displayed 
after login. This is probably least intrusive - only concern is if user 
will discover it...

Another idea: add option "disable this popup" option to popup menu 
(don't know if this is good idea... if someone accidentally turns it off 
and won't figure out what happened with that cool feature).

>>If the attention stealing is a problem, then rather make klipper less
>>intrusive. E.g., instead of popping the menu, making the icon red and then
>>LMB click on the icon would launch the "default" (or first in the list)
>>action of the current menu, while the MMB click would pop the current menu.
>>The red icon would come back to normal after a reasonable delay (say 10
Or make it flash for a second or two.

Or display dialog asking what to do when user triggers the popup 
condition for first time - enable popup menu, run default action 
automatically or disable actions at all. Probably most convenient (and 
will distract user only once if he doesn't like it). The question is: 
would be adding extra configfile entry/option (or whatever is used to 
determine state) acceptable?

> Well, this is very likely to confuse people even more. They won't be able to 
> relate the "red thingy there" with having selected something in a window, and 
> so they will be extremely confused if they click at it sometime later and 
> konqueror pops up. Especially if the "red thingy" appears 10 seconds after 
> they selected something - that'd be far to long.
If i understand correctly what the original poster proposed, it will 
appear immediately and disappear after 10 seconds.

> Sad to admit, but the least intrusive way is IEs' turning normal text into a 
> hyperlink when a webpage is viewed.
Errm, this is much less general and applies only to KHTML-using apps. In 
kate, or KRichTextEdit or KWord it will be unusable (and if implemented, 
quite intrusive IMHO - how to select part of hyperlinked text for eg. 

> I'd vote for disabling klipper actions, too, people are used to 
> "select/Ctrl+C/focus on browser/Ctrl+V", so just make that work as they 
> expect it.
With reasonable default settings, and with option to disable it obvious 
enough, they can be enabled by default IMVHO.

> regards,
> 	matze

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