Stephan Kulow coolo at
Sun Aug 18 11:33:45 BST 2002


With the new hardware I thought I try spamassassin running before
the mail queue. Right now no mail is rejected, just labeled (quite obvious
as spamassassin changes subject and body :), but I'm planning to reject
after a month when we see no problems with it.

This is the third step for incoming email, first it checks for quite some DNS 
black lists before it even starts the SMTP dialog, then it checks the header
labeling the already known X-Spam-Rate header and if that passes, it
uses spamassassin. 

So if you find mails from your friends with subjects starting with 
*****SPAM*****, check yourself if the hit log spamassassin puts
at the start of the message makes any sense. If it does, write your
friend back, he should not use HTML mail with ADV as first word in
subject :)
Otherwise, let sysadmin at know, maybe we should 
lift the limit then (it's 6.5 now - for the spamassassin experienced
among you).

I won't patch mailman to evaluate the spam-status header as I plan
as said to reject mails labeled as spam anyway. This month is just to
find out spamassassin works for us.

Greetings, Stephan

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