kxkb gui butchered?

l.lunak at email.cz l.lunak at email.cz
Fri Aug 16 12:10:08 BST 2002

> Is it just me or has someone completely butchered the kxkb GUI in KDE CVS?

 Yes. Since the day the keyboard and keyboard layout (or whatever it was called) modules have been merged.

> I wanted to fix the bug where unchecking "Enable Keyboard layouts" failed to disable the other tabs (because unchecking "Enable Keyboard Layouts" means that kxkb does not get launched at all).  I updated first and now kxkb is twice as high as it was before, does not even fit on the screen, and the tabs are all in the wrong order.
> I went ahead and did my patch anyway.  Is it good? Can I commit?

 I think rather not. Some settings don't require kxkb. Some of them are copies from the accessibility module, others like numlock setting or key repeating are handled by the control module itself. There's no reason to disable them if kxkb is disabled.

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