Success: kde 3.1 cvs running on sgi IRIX!

a_sturm at a_sturm at
Tue Aug 13 12:22:21 BST 2002

Hans Meine <hans_meine at> schrieb am 13.08.2002, 13:09:40:
> > Where should socklen_t be defined?
> Argl. I tracked down sth. like this on a Solaris system lately. It was
> hard to find, but somehow configure put a #define in config.h which made
> the system headers break.
> WORKAROUND: Removing the socklen_t define in config.h did the trick.

Hm, i got to look in that this evening again. I did search the file
sys/socket.h but did not find a definition of socklen_t. I doublecheck
that later also.

Thanks for your hint!


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