Success: kde 3.1 cvs running on sgi IRIX!

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Mon Aug 12 15:40:34 BST 2002

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Tim Jansen wrote:
>> As you said yourself in the comments, configuring the addresses using a
>> KCM should be better.
>On most systems the auto-discovery feature should work very well. The
> typical situation of a multi-homed system is one ethernet card and a PPP
> connection. In these cases it will take the PPP connection as "private"
> internet address and the ethernet address for LAN. You only need to
> configure manually when you have more than one ethernet card or PPP
> connection.

Yet there are systems where that will backfire. I think that the best way is 
to provide a configuration mecanism, even if it includes the same 

>The problem with KCM configuration is that the interfaces names are not
>stable. Configuring the IP address itself will fail in many cases (IP
>assigned by DHCP or PPP), and then you need to specify the interface name
> for the LAN and the "private" internet address. But as the name of the
> interface usually depends on the order they came up, this is not reliable.

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