drawing in Qt3 seems to have become incredible slow :-(

Thomas Zander zander at planescape.com
Sun Aug 11 21:58:21 BST 2002

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On Sunday 11 August 2002 23:36, Alexander Neundorf wrote:

> Several  widgets delay the actual redrawing using a 0 timer, now if a
> dialog has a lot of widgets, could it be possible that this overhead (e.g.
> 30 timers starting and checking) might become noticable ?
> It is the short moment of "thinking" where I only see the background colors
> of the dialog, before the actual drawing starts, which leads me to this
> idea.

Well, you can check that with a fresh dialog. One you get from uic/designer 
with no implementation behind it..
I'm sure that object creation (like timers) is quite expensive in C++, so this 
might indeed slow things down..
There is enough free memory?
I mean, there are no disk-buffers being freed for this, which might slow down 
the initialisation?

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