drawing in Qt3 seems to have become incredible slow :-(

Alexander Neundorf alexander.neundorf at gmx.net
Sat Aug 10 10:41:23 BST 2002


I just compared an old Qt1 app with a Qt3 app.
The Qt 1 app has a dialog with 28 widgets, the Qt 3 app approx. the same 

If the Qt1 app window becomes visible (if it was hidden behind another 
window), it is *immediately* ready, I don't see the redrawing.
Now the same for the Qt3 (KDE3) dialog: at first the formerly hidden part is 
drawn in the background color (immediately), and after a moment of "thinking" 
the widgets are drawn, beginning at the bottom of the dialog up to the top of 
the dialog. I.e. I can recognize which widgets are drawn first and which are 
drawn last.

A K6/200 should be able to redraw windows immediately, so Qt3 is incredibly 
slow :-(

One thing: the Qt 1 app isn't i18n'd, but once the widgets are created this 
shouldn't matter.
So, is it the unicode, or the richtext everywhere, or ... ?

This makes Qt3/KDE 3 app feel really slow. I can't understand how people can 
claim that KDE3 has become snappier than KDE 2. KDE 2 was ok on this box, KDE 
3 feels worse :-(


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