Short hostnames in URLs

Troels Tolstrup troels at
Fri Aug 9 15:43:11 BST 2002

On Friday 09 August 2002 15:59, Lubos Lunak wrote:
>  I know a couple of people who consider the lack of this feature as
> strange and annoying as e.g. missing close button in window frames.

This is seriously why i don't use konqueror at work. We use short names 
for *ALL* of our internal machines, using regexp to fix that is hence 
not an option. Sure i could write http://name, but in all other 
programs and browsers i can just type the name so i often forget to do 
that. This is the only reason really that i switched to mozilla in my 

If anyone think shortnames are a poweruser feature then i suggest they 
try to go work at a company with a large intranet or many servers. I 
don't even know the full name for "home" or "intranet" :)


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