Weird crash with QProgressDialog: Qt bug?

Matthias Ettrich ettrich at
Fri Aug 9 15:02:03 BST 2002

On Friday 09 August 2002 14:27, Simon Hausmann wrote:
> Sounds pretty logical. I don't understand why QPD passes
> topLevelWidget() instead of creator though. That sounds like the
> real bug to me, as it violates the rule that the parent object a
> derived class passes to the base class is passed as parent object to
> the QObject ctor. The current behaviour looks inconsistent to that.
> Simon

I don't understand it either, though it was a change done by me 2000/05/19 
19:42:28 :-(

Might have had something to do with transient-for dialog handling back then.

I don't dare changing this in 3.0.x now, but we'll do it for 3.1.

As a workaround for KDEPrint, you may call reparent() with creator as argument 
after you created the progress dialog.


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