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On Friday 09 August 2002 07:52, Dawit A. wrote:
> On Thursday 08 August 2002 04:38, Lubos Lunak wrote:
> >  And I still fail to see the problem with having the lookup there. The
> > DNS lookup is limited to 0,5s , which is nothing considering that right
> > now the filter turns it into Google search, so the user would have to
> > wait anyway. Morever, the DNS lookup is done only rarely, only if the
> > command doesn't contain whitespaces, dots, colons, it's not a valid URL
> > nor a valid command, which basically rules out almost everything except
> > for things that would end up as a Google search anyway. Let me stress
> > this once again: Unless I missed something, the lookup will be done only
> > if it would otherwise become a Google search (but not for all Google
> > searches).
> If it only affects people that know how to use "shortnames", mainly power
> users

Most cable and other large ISPs provide short names for their services. think 
about the names 'www', 'news', mail' etc.
In fact for @home users it is the only way to read their mail without 
appending their own domain to the name. Appending their own domain is a power 
user feature most users will not be able to do. (if only because the name is 
rather long...)
In other words, using short names is a practice used to make things simpler. 
And therefor is absolutely not only for power users.

> >  If you're still against applying this patch to kshorturifilter, I'll do
> > as you said and put a new filter in kdeaddons, but given the things
> > above, I consider it rather silly.
> Well I do not consider this being silly and no I have not changed my mind. 
> I guess we will not see eye-to-eye on this issue. However, others might
> agree with your approach and if enough people do, then the patch should be
> applied. I neither want nor have a dictatorship power on such things...

I have not read the whole thread, but I really do want to use accurate short 
names. In companies using names like 'intranet' or 'www' should give you the 
right machine without knowing the fully qualified name. It makes for easier 
maintainance as well!  Think about bob moving from department A to B and 
getting a different local intranet with the same name!

Actually DNS/hosts seems the right way to do it (the RFC way acutally) and I, 
as a user, don't care where that logic lies.

Just one opinion...

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