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Simon Hausmann hausmann at
Wed Aug 7 15:45:58 BST 2002

On Wed, Aug 07, 2002 at 04:35:55PM +0200, Lubos Lunak wrote:
> Dne st 7. srpen 2002 15:32 Marc Mutz napsal(a):
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> > On Wednesday 07 August 2002 10:02, Lubos Lunak wrote:
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> > > > Isn't there a way that does _not_ use QApp::processEvents()?
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> > >   Sure. Would you prefer the one starting another process, or the one
> > > starting another thread, or the one possibly blocking in
> > > gethostbyname()?
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> > QDns is not blocking. Never. You just need to allocate it on the heap
> > and connect the right signals.
>  Let me correct it a bit : 
>  QDns is not blocking. Never. You just need to connect the right signals and 
> enter (or return to) the event loop.

The fact that the urifilter API is sync is a pity in this very case,
but I think we shouldn't try to work around it. IMHO there should be
no code in kdelibs (and I consider this plugin to be a kdelibs
thing, because it is loaded by kdelibs in every default setup) using
enter_loop()/exit_loop() or equivalent constructs, unless it is
explicitly mentioned in the documentation or somewhere.
enter_loop()/processEvents is asking for absolutely nothing but
trouble. Just imagine the lookup takes a bit too long and the user
closes the konqueror window in the meantime. 

Aside from that I second Waldo's concern about QDns. The class does
not obey /etc/nsswitch.conf at all (yes, I've seen setups where host
lookups were partially done through NIS :(

I'd probably dump the feature instead of taking the risk.

Simon (wishing these parts of QApplication would be private API)

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