Request to check in a new feature to KRegExpEditor.

Thomas Zander zander at
Wed Aug 7 12:34:49 BST 2002

On Wednesday 07 August 2002 08:00, Jesper K. Pedersen wrote:
> Ingo Klöcker <kloecker at> writes:
> | On Tuesday 06 August 2002 13:18, Jesper K. Pedersen wrote:
> | > Hi.
> | > Lately I've been very busy an thus have only had a little time to
> | > work on KDE. Therefore I didn't want to add stuff to the expected
> | > feature list for KRegExpEditor, as I was afraid I couldn't make it.
> |
> | You should have added it. You could have simply moved it to the feature
> | list of KDE 3.2 if you wouldn't have finished it in time for KDE 3.1.
> | > Now my problem is that I really would like to have all this in KDE
> | > CVS, but due to the missing entry in the feature plan I can't do it.
> |
> | That's correct.
> |
> | > I therefore ask for permission check it in.
> |
> | No exceptions are made. For no one. Sorry.
> I fell really sorry about this, the features are done.
> I understand and accept the feature plan very much, but as I see it, you
> are here enforcing the word of the plan rather than the spirit of the plan?

I'm confused; you say you had the feature planned and started working on it 
quite some time ago. Since you felt it might not be stable in time, you did 
not intend to add it to the feature list.

Then you say that you understand that features not on the feature list should 
not be worked on. (you said that new features should not be started, but for 
the _testing_ this is the same)

Do you agree that a new feature should be in CVS for quite some time to find 
out all possible sideeffects and to allow all beta and RC testers to find 
Also don't you feel that adding a feature might be controversial, and adding 
it a small amount of time before the release might not give you the warm 
reception you would like.. (Speaking in general here)

I agree with Ingo and have to say that I don't want long email threads about a 
new feature every couple of days. Allowing some and not other features.

In other words; the creation of rules like the feature plan brings a good 
understanding and a more stable KDE. But with those rules come obligations, 
and you just hit one.

In the end, you could have fixed bugs instead of creating the new feature. If 
you (and naturally all developers) do that, then the feature freeze will be 

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