Short hostnames in URLs

Dawit A. adawit at
Wed Aug 7 00:55:23 BST 2002

On Tuesday 06 August 2002 09:48, Lubos Lunak wrote:
>  Hello,
>  could somebody review the attached patch fixing #22901 ? Many people use
> only hostnames without domains for hosts in their local network, and
> Konqueror now redirects such requests to Real^H^H^H^HGoogle, which is
> pretty annoying. My change checks if the given cmd can be a short hostname.
> There's 0,5sec timeout on the DNS lookup, so I don't think it should be
> noticeable, especially as it's the last thing done in the URI filter (could
> somebody on dial-up please check?).

Please do not do that. A DNS query does not, for the better or worse, belong 
at the level where the shorturi filter plugin is used. The KURIFilterPlugin 
is a high level plugin and is not part of KIO sub-system.  I guess this is my 
fault since there exists a workaround for this issue, a regexp based 
matching, but it does not have a configuration GUI yet.  It also suffers from 
one minor bug due to the fact that it is not easy to store regexp matches as 
keys using KConfig.  Anyways,  I am in the process of fixing this right now. 
I plan to make it possible to a protocol for any "shorturi". I will see what 
I can do about the GUI...

Dawit A.

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