'Follow the leader' dialogs

Gioele Barabucci ml at gioelebarabucci.com
Mon Aug 5 11:39:41 BST 2002

On Monday 05 August 2002 00:57, Scott Wheeler wrote:
> On Sunday 04 August 2002 17:29, Lauri Watts wrote:
> > Having those messages show up
> > with their parent app would be very nice indeed.
> For this specific problem, I wonder if it would just make sense for
> KMessageBoxes dialogs by default to be on "All Desktops".  That would seem
> to be a rather simple solution.
What about KPassivePopup?? this class _must_ be used more! 

In the end, do we really need that the user presses "OK" if a host is not 
found? something like this would be enougth (text in _ _ is a link):

| host 'cip.com' not found |
|                          | (near kicker..., or somewhere where the current 
|    _go to the window_    |  window is not displayed)

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