KDE Jabber Library

Justin Karneges justin-qt at affinix.com
Mon Aug 5 04:07:43 BST 2002

Hi guys,

This thread sure got long!  Thanks for all of the comments.

To clarify:

Yes, libpsi is a Qt-based library for now.  My proposal was to turn it into a 
KDE lib for kdelibs.  I haven't done that yet because, well, I wanted to see 
what kind of response I'd get first :)  Btw, this would be very easy I think.  
KExtendedSocket, KSSL, and KVcard (is there such a thing?) are probably all 
that will be substituted in.

While I do find the open vs proprietary IM debate interesting (and I have a 
strong opinion there), I believe it is irrelevant to the inclusion of libpsi 
into kdelibs.  You see, Kopete already uses libpsi.  So from a 
Kopete-developer perspective, moving libpsi into kdelibs is basically 
equivalent to moving 10% (or so) of Kopete into kdelibs.  libpsi is 
near-ready now, so I say let's put it in.  Moving the remaining 90% of Kopete 
can be left open for future debate.

Remember, libpsi is just a simple lib.  No dcop, no UI, etc.  No code would be 
removed if there ever was a libkopete in kdelibs, only added.

So what now?

Oh, and a final question:  why wait for KDE 3.2 ?  Is it too late to add a 
functioning lib to 3.1?  I actually proposed this lib for KDE back in April, 
before the freeze, and it isn't going to change much from here-on out.


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