'Follow the leader' dialogs

Cristian Tibirna tibirna at kde.org
Sun Aug 4 19:50:19 BST 2002

On Saturday, 03 August 2002 19:45, Zack Rusin wrote:
> Nope, I couldn't come up with a worse subject (believe me I tried).
> Yesterday I talked a little bit on irc with Martijn about Mac OS X gui.
> He said that they have this very cool feature where all dialogs of a
> window fallow the parent once the parent is moved. Well, I don't have
> access to Mac OSX and wanted to check this feature out so I of course
> implemented it just to see how it feels and I must say I like it. For
> now I put it in the KDialogBase, I'm attaching a patch for those of you
> who also don't have access to Mac OS X, the code is trivial. The
> question is - do we want this? Do we want our dialogs to follow the
> parent?

The problem with the approach of your path is that it applies only to KDE/Qt 
apps. The mechanism would have to be implemented in the window manager in 
order to have it obeyed by everything (apart most broken apps out there, that 
don't identify their parent windows correctly - gimp seems to come to my mind 
for whatever reason, but I believe even gimp can be subdued).

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