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Neil Stevens neil at qualityassistant.com
Sun Aug 4 16:17:35 BST 2002

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On Sunday August 04, 2002 03:37, Martijn Klingens wrote:
> On Sunday 04 August 2002 02:20, Neil Stevens wrote:
> > Just specifying Jabber directly as the means of communication solves
> > that interoperability problem by dictating a standard.
> Dictating a standard is exactly what upset people about Microsoft. Leave
> the people choice. 

KDE dictating a standard does not remove choice from anyone.  It just 
promotes consistency and interoperability within KDE.

And actually, your Microsoft comment is not true.  At least as many people 
dislike MS for not following standards, and for subtlely changing 
standards to suit themselves, as people who dislike MS for making up their 
own stuff.

If you're not a proponent of a standard desktop, then how can you agree 
with KDE at all?  After all, KDE "removes choice" by...

* having in cvs only one widget set
* mandating one capitalization standard
* forcing one filesystem hierarchy
* supplying only one window manager
* supporting only one reusable component system

By supplying one and only one message and presense system in kdelibs, KDE 
merely makes sure that interoperability is guaranteed.  Users of KDE can 
still do whatever they want, and they always have been able to.  It's just 
apps *in* KDE that are expected to follow the mandates.

What's the alternative to this?  I looked at kopete's protocols dir 
yesterday, and surprise surprise, of all the protocols supported, all but 
two weren't owned and locked into some proprietary private server - IRC 
and Jabber.  And *two* were owned by Microsoft, the company you seem to 
hate so much.  So what good is that?

As for Jabber vs IRC, I really doubt it'd be useful to have a personal IRC 
server for LAN communications, since Jabber does so much more.

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