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Neil Stevens neil at qualityassistant.com
Sun Aug 4 16:16:09 BST 2002

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On Sunday August 04, 2002 03:40, Simon Hausmann wrote:
> > So you'd requre that all applications wanting to send messages or
> > export presences to go through the *app*, rather than making direct
> > connections? That's a terrible waste, and adds a needless dependency. 
> > SMTP use doesn't require kmail, why should my app that wants Jabber
> > have to go through Kopete?
> Because that's the idea of reusable components. Talking to kopete
> through a DCOP interface -- after asking the trader of an app
> implementing the interface and after using klauncher to launch the
> app and get the app id -- is much better than making every app that
> wants to send a jabber message to link against a jabber library. Of
> this isn't a general solution, but IMHO for simple send-and-forget
> communication like with IM a using dcop seems much easier and
> lightweight to me than using C++ directly.

On reusability - Libraries have been the core component of Unix reusability 
for a lot longer than DCOP has.  You may have noticed that KDE uses 
libraries extensively, too.  DCOP isn't "more reusable" than a library.

And you say "much better" - why is it much better?  Aesthetics?  A 
preference for KDE tech over plain libraries?  And why do you assume that 
all uses are just "send and forget?"

No, DCOP isn't a general solution.  Having full access to the library 
functionality *is*, especially when it won't limit you to some paltry 
"send and forget."  A full Jabber implementation will let apps access some 
other functionality - like taking advantage of Jabber's presence system, 

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