KDE Jabber Library

Dominique Devriese fritmebufstek at pandora.be
Sun Aug 4 11:47:15 BST 2002

Martijn Klingens <klingens at kde.org> writes:

> > Yes, it's limiting.  That's *good*.  Being limited to standard internet
> > protocols (which Jabber is trying to become, unlike nearly every other
> > protocol Kopete attempts to support) means you'll be interoperable.  Did I
> > mention that communication is only possible if everyone is using the same
> > protocol?
> Forget that. At least 75% of the current people using IM do not use
> Jabber. To  
> communicate with them you need another protocol. Kopete offers
> exactly that. 
> I'm more than happy to make the free and open Jabber protocol the
> one and only  
> protocol that's enabled when you start Kopete the first time, but a 
> Jabber-only solution sounds like a terrible mistake to me.
> Martijn

I think Martijn ( or me ;) didn't quite understand what the discussion
is about...  As I see it, it is about having a way for e.g. a kgame to
send an invitation to someone else.  In this example, there is no need
to worry about interoperability with other desktops, since requiring
the use of a certain kgame already excludes all those people.

Of course, normal IM presents a completely different picture, where
KDE should of course try to be interoperable with as much protocols as
possible, and Kopete seems to be doing a very good job at this.

This means we would have two strategies:
1 for communication with other desktops: try to be as interoperable as
possible.  (this would apply to Kopete)
2 for communication between different KDE desktops: use an open
protocol like jabber. (this would apply to the IM lib in kdelibs)

domi ( who once wrote a jabber lib too, so might be somewhat biased
too.. :)
Failure is not an option -- it comes bundled with Windows. 

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