KDE Jabber Library

Klas Kalass klas.kalass at gmx.de
Sun Aug 4 10:27:07 BST 2002

Am Samstag, 3. August 2002 17:44 schrieb Tim Jansen:
> On Saturday 03 August 2002 17:00, Neil Stevens wrote:
> > Jabber is actually one of the *least* centralized messaging systems out
> > there.  Jabber is like email, while other systems attempt to lock you in
> > to some proprietary server.  With Jabber, you actually have the
> But Jabber requires a server. If you have two laptops with wireless LAN in
> an ad-hoc network (without internet or a server), you can not make a
> connection
After reading the User HowTo I had the impression that you can easily have a 
server on each computer. So what is needed is some kind of discovery service 
and a KDE Server frontend. 
That server could be started on KDE startup and could be used for 
communication then. So "all" that is needed is some kind of discovery for 
LANs. But maybe I just did not understand it all.


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