'Follow the leader' dialogs

Zack Rusin zack at kde.org
Sun Aug 4 00:45:24 BST 2002

Nope, I couldn't come up with a worse subject (believe me I tried). 
Yesterday I talked a little bit on irc with Martijn about Mac OS X gui. 
He said that they have this very cool feature where all dialogs of a 
window fallow the parent once the parent is moved. Well, I don't have 
access to Mac OSX and wanted to check this feature out so I of course 
implemented it just to see how it feels and I must say I like it. For 
now I put it in the KDialogBase, I'm attaching a patch for those of you 
who also don't have access to Mac OS X, the code is trivial. The 
question is - do we want this? Do we want our dialogs to follow the 


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