testing of kio_smtp bug fix for back porting

Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at olympusproject.org
Sat Aug 3 02:13:19 BST 2002

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kdebase/kioslave/smtp smtp.cc,1.95,1.96 smtp.h,1.32,1.33
Author: aseigo
Modified Files:
         smtp.cc smtp.h

Log Message:
make kio_smtp work with personal x509 certs and servers that rely on them
for authentication.

i'd like to backport this for 3.0.3 so that people don't have to wait for or 
upgrade to 3.1 to get this (fairly important) fix. but it involves a subtle 
change to an important part of kio_smtp. while It Works For Me(tm) on the 
SMTP servers i have to test against and i can't see why it shouldn't work for 
anyone else, i have _no desire_ to backport it to a stable branch only to 
find out something breaks for a bunch of people using some common yet unique 
SMTP set up.

one thing i've learned about SMTP while working on kio_smtp: there are a 
million different SMTP set ups out there.

so, could as many people as possible please update and test this to ensure 
that it doesn't break SMTP sending for anyone? if you do run into problems, 
please email me.

otherwise, if i don't hear anything before the tagging on wednesday i will 
most likely backport this fix to the 3.0 branch.

thanks and take care....

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