KExtendedSocket async lookup

Waldo Bastian bastian at
Thu Aug 1 19:10:57 BST 2002

Hi Thiago,

After looking into the KExtendedSocket code I noticed that async lookups use 
the QDns class. Doesn't this imply that the lookup results for sync and 
asynced mode operation can vary wildly since QDns does not take into account 
/etc/hosts among others?

Related to this differences, netsupp.cpp has a test for the availability of 
IPv6 but the async lookup code does not seem to check that and do a IPv6 
lookup in all cases.

As of last year there were still a lot of nameservers out there that don't 
properly handle IPv6 lookups ( the most well known) so not being 
able to disable IPv6 lookups is a problem. (See e.g. BR30078)

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