Formal request to set up a KDE Discourse instance

Nate Graham nate at
Wed Feb 24 01:49:28 GMT 2021

On 2/23/21 5:34 PM, Eike Hein wrote:
> Hey,
> This all sounds much too confrontational :-). Come on everyone, we can 
> do this much better.
> Ben, I don't think Nate's request implies prioritization. For folks 
> outside a particular team it can be difficult to follow what the team 
> has on their plate at the moment; you probably also wouldn't know the 
> same about Nate's VDG/QA space.
> Everyone knows that sysadmin is working hard all the time, but it has to 
> still be possible to do roadmap planning. In fact it's one of the best 
> ways to avoid getting overcommitted in the future. Declaring a goal 
> and/or agreeing to work on it in the abstract doesn't mean it has to be 
> done straight away or rushed, but it e.g. allows attracting contributors 
> to the goal to get the work done, as also seen in the thread already.

Yes, Ben has made me aware that I don't actually have a good sense of 
what the sysadmin team is working on at any point in time. I'd love to 
be able to see at a glance which tasks are queued up in front of the 
things I'm eager to see done. Even something simple like a wiki page 
would be nice. It could even list ways for interested and technically 
competent people to help. That would be cool.


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