Feedback on new feature: energy performance settings

Jacky Alcine yo at
Sun Aug 9 14:05:33 BST 2020

I just wanna thank you for those kind of changes! I have a Intel CPU but a nVidia GPU in my home lab running KDE Neon. Would that help?

On August 9, 2020 12:04:49 PM UTC, John Salatas <jsalatas at> wrote:
>I just committed a  set of patches for powerdevil [1] and 
>plasma-workspace [2] in order to expose
>in the GUI some settings related to the cpu's energy performance.
>Apparently, these settings seem to make great difference in the 
>performance and battery duration in laptops equiped with modern intel 
>CPU (using the intel_pstate driver). Unfortunately I am missing some 
>hardware to test it and I would appreciate if could provide your 
>feedback and suggestions for your non-intel CPUs (ie AMD, ARM). Testing 
>and feedback/suggestions in any case would be highly appreciated as 
>Thank you!
>John Salatas

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