Renaming "Get New Hot Stuff" to Something Else

Jacky Alcine yo at
Sat Aug 8 14:37:55 BST 2020

On Sat, Aug 8, 2020, at 05:39, Dan Leinir Turthra Jensen wrote:
> On Saturday, 8 August 2020 13:24:40 BST Jacky Alcine wrote:
> > Hey y'all.
>   Heyhey! :)
> > Is there an interest or has there been discussion to rename that part of KDE
> > (Get New Hot Stuff) into something that's more explicit in what it does?
> > Like "Application Addons"?
>   We have attempted to come up with something else which encapsulates the 
> concept of what Get Hot New Stuff does, and the problem is that it is not just 
> application addons. GHNS (and the underlying Open Collaboration Services API) 
> makes no requirements on which specific types of content are distributed using 
> it, and so we end up in a situation where switching to a more specific names 
> reduces the concept.

Hm, this is a very important point. I understand how this can be limiting. It kind of sucks that this is the case but ironically speaks as a testament to the current name and how it's generic enough to define what it does!

>   We /could/ of course go all buzzwordy on it and call it something like 
> Content Store, but that just makes it seem like it's only inactive consumption 
> stuff, or we could call it Application Addons, but that does not suggest it 
> could also be used for something like comic books or other types of creative 
> writing (of course i'm going to use a personal example, Peruse uses GHNS for 
> its book store).

Ah interesting. I didn't realize that OCS could be extended this way (which makes sense - it basically accepts anything).

>   It is not that i am particularly against finding another name, but it has to 
> be extremely good and wide ranging as a term to encapsulates what GHNS does 
> for it to be a good replacement, and while i would be pleased to be proven 
> wrong, i find myself doubtful that we can find something which is objectively 
> better than Get Hot New Stuff to such a degree that what mindshare it already 
> has becomes discardable. (and i'm not suggesting that it is a world wide 
> acknowledged trademark type thing going on here, just that any new name would 
> also have to be good enough to make that choice)

Yup, I agree deeply!

> > Additionally, is there a means of centralizing a place for these add-ons?
> > Having to remember where and how I installed things all over is a bit of a
> > hunt.
>   That would be Discover :) We've been improving that over the last little 
> while, and you'll even start seeing GHNS updates in your Discover updates 
> notifier very soon :)

See that's where I got the name "Application Addons" from; Discover calls its client for OCS that. Interestingly so, I didn't have Peruse installed (and quickly did so as I have a huge digital comic book collection) and now I see it in the list of Addons in Discover. Perhaps having applications either call out to Discover's interface for this (I do notice a standalone interface used in System Settings when one attempts to view the Plasma Styles of the community).

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> ..dan / leinir..

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