Proposal: Recurring donations - increase flexibility

Ingo Klöcker kloecker at
Fri Jul 31 08:16:45 BST 2020

On Freitag, 31. Juli 2020 08:28:48 CEST Uli Klinkhammer wrote:
> On 2020-07-31 01:35, Aleix Pol wrote:
> > is already running CiviCRM at the moment. It's
> > the one we are trying to get improvements on.
> Fine to hear, so good luck for everybody involved! :)
> In my opinion, the possibility to send "any amount" should be realized,
> at the same time as "anonymous donations" (or better said, without the
> need to register).

Anonymous one-time donations are already possible via PayPal. There's a form 
at the bottom of our webpage.

> And in my opinion this module should appear in any of the KDE apps. The
> best would be to show it at the first start of any KDE program.

There is already a "Donate" option in the Help menu of any KDE program (well, 
I just checked KMail which I'm using for writing this email).

I have doubts about showing this at the first start. At the first start of any 
application I do not yet know whether the application really does what I need 
and whether I like working with the application. I would certainly not make a 
donation before having used an application for some time.

Anyway, as Aleix wrote:
> I'd like to remind everyone we have a Fundraising Working Group. If
> anyone wants to join and help, you can reach out to
> kde-ev-campaign at

So, please subscribe to kde-ev-campaign at and continue the discussion 

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