reddit r_KDE uses KDE logo in LGBT colors

Nate Graham nate at
Sun Jul 12 16:18:04 BST 2020

You might not be aware that the free open-source software movement is 
explicitly political and has been from the start. The whole point is a 
revolutionary liberation of software. As such, FOSS organizations 
generally try to be as inclusive as possible which results in an 
association with other related movements whose goals are the liberation, 
enfranchisement, or elevation of historically marginalized or 
discriminated-against groups. In all cases, the goal is the same: 
freedom from arbitrary and unfair restrictions.

Personally I don't see what the problem is. Endorsing LGBT rights does 
not imply a lack of endorsement for any other movement, any more than 
saying "I like pizza," implies anything about your feelings regarding 
dumplings or burritos.


On 7/12/20 4:13 AM, sabayon11 wrote:
> I have a question:
> Is it legal for reddit moderators of r_KDE to use KDE logo in LGBT
> colors. Is it consistent with logo license?
> Is it in line with KDE code of conduct - to support certain groups
> that are politically active and be selective in this choice? For
> example: why they don't support women rights in middle-east region?
> Who have the right to decide?
> Do you realize that it can stop certain people from funding KDE? Of
> course on the other hand it can make others, like George Soros to fund
> but does KDE really want to go in that direction and engage in such
> politics. Pretending that it has nothing to do with politics is a pure
> lie.
> What other KDE contributors think about it? For example: do all KDE
> funders support engaging software community in non-software activity?
> I know that reddit is separate website and has nothing to do with this
> forum, however this is social and community issue as well.
> What about adding to KDE code of conduct: KDE is not engage in social
> or political dispute. KDE doesn't discriminate nor support any groups
> other than Free Software.
> Personally I believe there are thousands of other better places on the
> Internet to express whatever point of view someone has and KDE and its
> community should not be involved in such activities.
> It is now off. But this doesn't change the meaning of this action.
> My first message about it to this list was on 3rd of July but has not
> been accepted by moderators yet, so I had to subscribe.

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