BigBlueButton for non-KDE stuff?

Pau Garcia Quiles pgquiles at
Thu Jul 9 13:02:25 BST 2020


I was wondering if there is a policy or restriction to use

Why this question?

Uyuni ( is an open source systems management
solution, at the moment mostly driven by SUSE (because Uyuni is the
upstream for SUSE Manager). Uyuni is not associated with KDE, and only
loosely associated with openSUSE.

We started Uyuni Community Hours a couple of months ago, to great success.
We were using GoToMeeting because that's what I had from SUSE but now we
would like to move to an open source conferencing tool and are looking for
a home.

openSUSE offers Jitsi (, which has the problem of not
allowing room reservations.

KDE's BigBlueButton allows reservations but I was wondering if it's OK to
use for non-KDE related discussion.

Pau Garcia Quiles
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