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Fri Dec 27 23:18:39 GMT 2019

On Fri, Dec 27, 2019 at 10:39 PM Carl Schwan <carl at carlschwan.eu> wrote:

> It shouldn't be very difficult to create a MediaWiki plugins that embed a
> specific file from git in a MediaWiki page. We already have an extension
> for Bugzilla integration, so it is possible. But before trying to solve the
> technical details, we should ask ourselves how the result should look.

Possible, yes. Just not sure how recommended it is. At least based on one
or two extensions I saw that claimed to embed from Git, there were notes on
possible security issues. We will also have to check with sysadmin how to
properly link from Git. But yes, should be technically possible.

> Do we still want to have a list of tutorials going from the basic to more
> technical topics?

I think so. Considering these tutorials would be used by both external
developers and incoming internal contributors, they should cover that

Do we still want to have all the tutorial hosted on the same website?
> Should we still allow everyone to edit the tutorial?

Tough question to answer as I wasn't there when the discussion took place
and I'm just working based on what was decided back then. So that'd be a
"yes" by default.

> Do we still want the tutorials to be translated?

Given that we're an international community, yes here as well. That said,
the MediaWiki translation extension is such a painfully fragile system. :(

> Do we want to make it easy for the user to download the code examples? ...

We currently don't but we should. Copying and pasting code from web pages
is really inefficient for running the samples.


Juan Carlos Torres
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