Planet KDE posts not about KDE (was: Re: Please don't make into a politics feed)

Boudewijn Rempt boud at
Wed Dec 11 21:23:10 GMT 2019

On woensdag 11 december 2019 14:58:38 CET Christian Loosli wrote:
> Am Mittwoch, 11. Dezember 2019, 03:55:15 CET schrieb Martin Klapetek:
> > [...]
> > > I'm afraid the problem is already there. The problem starts from the
> > > moment a member posts an unrelated post, when someone who is not
> > > interested in it starts reading.
> > 
> > But how is that problem of the Planet? 
> I guess it is a matter of expectations. From the feedback that I got, a couple 
> of people consider the planet to be about KDE and are thus estranged when 
> controversial subjects such as politics do come up. 

Yes, there will always be people who find it weird when the world doesn't conform to their expectations. Tough luck, or a learning experience. My own blog was added to planetkde before there were any rules whatsoever, and I warned the people doing that that I would post about whatever occupied my mind, and I even posted religious posts, which actually got decried by the Gnome Games maintainer, back then ( Fabricatem diem meum, punc, is my answer.

The purpose of the planet is not to give news, is not to soothe troubled breasts, is not to provide PR, it's a place where blogs by KDE developers are brought together, and yes, that means that you will see other parts of those KDE developer's lifes. This is healthy; too many people believe that working on free, kde, open, source, software is the only thing we do or are. Let them learn.

I don't want people to see only the KDE, Krita part of my life, but also the rest of what I am.
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