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Christoph Cullmann christoph at
Sun Dec 8 14:58:14 GMT 2019

On 2019-12-07 23:52, Nate Graham wrote:
> This looks excellent.
> I have just a few suggestions:
> The Applications section could be simplified by omitting the 2x3 grid
> of apps on the top, since those same apps are then presented with nice
> screenshots and text immediately below.
> The Community section feels like it has too many pictures in it. Maybe
> pare that down to just 3, like an Akademy group photo, the GSoC photo,
> and the LaKademy 2018 photo.


I think, too, the new page looks very nice!

I am with Nate, that for the pictures, on the start page, less is more.
Having some there is really a great idea, to show that we are an active 
of people. But a few would be enough and we can have some sub-page with
pictures from our past events.

Technical side note: given one of our aims is privacy, do we really need 
the piwik stuff
or would normal web logs with statistics enough for our purpose?

We could aim to be a cookie free (and external resources free) site that 
doesn't track
people at all.

I am not that convinced we need the statistics that much.


> Nate
> On 12/7/19 2:56 PM, Carl Schwan wrote:
>> Hello everyone,
>> I started working on a new homepage for, the WIP result
>> can be viewed at The text is
>> still, boilerplate, but I wanted to know if the current direction
>> of this webpage is a good showcase of our softwares and our
>> community.
>> Any early feedback? ;)
>> Cheers,
>> Carl
>> PS: if you have good photo recommendations, for the community
>> section please share, for the final version this section will only
>> be loaded when the visitor scroll to it so there won't be any
>> performance impact if I had more photos ;)

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