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Sat Nov 30 21:33:52 GMT 2019

Le 2019-11-30 à 12:39, Paul Brown a écrit :
> On sábado, 30 de noviembre de 2019 17:11:07 (CET) Philippe Cloutier wrote:
>> Thanks Paul,
>> Le 2019-11-29 à 12:22, Paul Brown a écrit :
>>> On viernes, 29 de noviembre de 2019 13:39:26 (CET) Philippe Cloutier
> wrote:
>>>> Le 2019-11-27 à 14:05, Aleix Pol a écrit :
>>>>> Dear KDE community,
>>>>> Some of you already saw it at Akademy, but we wanted to make sure that
>>>>> you were all aware of all the great things we did last year 2018
>>>> Thank you Aleix and everyone involved in producing this report, which is
>>>> more extensive than any of this kind I've seen from an open source
>>>> project.
>>>> What are the proper ways to report issues in this report (or on
>>>> in general)? mentions "sending
>>>> email to kde-ev-board at <mailto:kde-ev-board at>", but is it
>>>> possible to determine if an issue was already reported there?
>>> If you find issues with the report (inaccuracies, spelling mistakes,
>>> etc.), can you post them here?
>> There is some information I would like to see in the report which is not
>> there, though I don't know if that can be suggested for a template for
>> future years. But the main issues I noticed are the following:
>>    * The lack of production or/and publication dates
> Production and publication dates of what?

Of the 2018 community report

>> * The "Streamline the onboarding of new contributors" section links to
>> I was not expecting that a "KDE Welcome team" link in an
>> organization's yearly report would point to some instant messaging
>> channel, but if that's intentional, I am not sure it was intended to
>> link to a "welcome" channel which can't even be consulted without an
>> account.
> Well... it links to what it says: to the team. That's where they hang out and
> are ready to talk to newcomers and guide them on their way.
>> If it's really intentional to link to that channel in its
>> current state, it would surely be less misleading to have that link
>> labelled "a discussion channel created by the new team" or something
>> like that.
> Only is not a "discussion channel", at least in the sense that is not where
> they discuss how to welcome people (that happens elsewhere). It is the place
> where they actually welcome people. It is not some sort of meta channel or
> anything like that. I am not sure what you would have preferred I link to.

Well, if it's a channel where people are welcomed through discussion, 
it's a discussion channel, but I was not saying that "a discussion 
channel created by the new team" is the best label possible, just 
suggesting one way to solve that.

To clarify my comment, what I was expecting for the current label is 
either a list of team members, or a page *about* the team ( such as ).

>>    [...]
>> Cheers
>> Paul

Philippe Cloutier

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