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Philippe Cloutier chealer at
Sat Nov 9 18:29:56 GMT 2019

Hi Eike,

On 2019-11-04 04:06, Eike Hein wrote:
> > Regarding "finger-pointing", I've taken care not to name the person 
> responsible for the situation.
> You've pretended not name them to be able to claim this

I haven't "pretended not name them", I simply didn't name him.

> , but made it abundantly clear who you're butting heads with and gone 
> as far as suggesting mental health problems and feigning concern.

I don't know what your "feigning concern" refers to, but I haven't 
suggested mental health problems. I am thinking of a *single* mental 
health problem - one so prevalent and which we see so often in 
excessively ambitious software projects I need not even specify its name.

> [...]
> This is not the venue for mudslinging of this kind, and if you want to 
> have a productive discussion of your topic you should own up and 
> apologize for it before engaging further.

I just re-read myself and I fail to see what you consider as mudslinging 
in what I wrote. If it's the suggestion of a mental health problem, 
don't forget that 1 in 4 people suffer from a mental/neurological 
disorder, so statistically, more than 1 of those already involved in 
this thread does :-(
I can understand that you could consider some suggestions of mental 
health issues as insulting, but your reproach here has some resemblance 
with the contributor's attitude. Discussion of any issue (whether merely 
suspected or real) should be welcome, as long as the discussion is 
carried respectfully. As I wrote, I am not a health professional, and 
more importantly I do not know enough about him to make a diagnosis. In 
fact, I don't even remember much about that individual before a few 
months ago, so the chances that he is mentally sane are very high, and 
the chances that he does not suffer from burnout are even higher, but I 
have no intention to apologize just for bringing up a taboo topic.

Philippe Cloutier

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