Issues with the issue tracking system

Harald Sitter sitter at
Mon Nov 4 12:03:04 GMT 2019


On Mon, Nov 4, 2019 at 2:12 AM Philippe Cloutier <chealer at> wrote:
> Dear community,
> I am facing 2 issues with the ITS which I cannot solve myself currently.
> Over the last months, I requested the "severity" (importance) of several
> tickets to be adjusted:

We don't adjust either field because we feel like it, Martin explains
very well why. Since nobody acted on your proposals the conclusion to
draw is that nobody agreed with them enough to take action.

> No adjustment was done yet. Please either:
> 1. Solve
> 2. Allow more developers to modify the field
> 3. Or perform the requested changes
> #3 would already be appreciated, but I recommend more as 6/6 over 2
> weeks after the latest request was done visibly signals a systemic issue.

As Christoph, Martin and David explained now, there is nothing to deal
with in that report ...

> As for the more delicate issue, many reports I filed recently against
> were mishandled. In fact, most of them were, and that is
> all due to one individual's actions. This can be seen below:

... and I see a pattern here. You may find yourself disagreeing with
an action, that doesn't make the action wrong. Further brigading
doesn't necessarily increase the chances of overturning a decision

> This has been going on for more than a month now, and I now hesitate to
> keep contributing, as I feel many of my contributions would go through
> the trash. I believe I made a fair effort at solving this with simple
> communication, as can be seen in #411285 and #412299, but that avenue
> appears to be insufficient.
> On the other hand, I saw the same individual contribute positively
> shortly before, and one who looks well will find a few positive
> contributions even in the above. Health is not my profession, and I do
> not know enough about him to make any kind of diagnosis.

Let me be perfectly clear: you are way out of line here. Which is all
the more concerning considering you have been contributing to KDE for
more than a decade [1] so I am sure you've picked up on how we as a
community conduct ourselves and how we solve issues. Talk with the
affected people and teams on IRC or the respective mailing lists. If
all else fails we have an excellent community working group to help us
resolve conflicts. Throwing mud on the community-wide mailing list is
decidedly not part of the conflict resolution recipe.

What I am observing is a huge disconnect that is best summed up by
your comment here:

You do not seem to realize that Nate is a KDE Developer, an active and
well respected one at that. He is also a super active bug triager. So
you were not only telling a developer that they can't close your
report because they are in the wrong, you then also go on to explain
to a member of a bug triage team how to triage bugs correctly. "It's
not what you say - it's how you say it" and the way *you* communicated
is with a distinct air of superiority, I'll not faulting anyone for
not being super receptive or engaging after encounters like that.

Finally, we find ourselves here with you implying that Nate is of
unsound mind and needs to be dealt with somehow... You are wrong and
this is utterly disrespectful. Nate is well. He's a treasure to this
community. I have read through the reports and couldn't find him in
the wrong.

I very much urge you to take a step back. Look at your conduct and
reflect on it.



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