Issues with the issue tracking system

Christoph Feck cfeck at
Mon Nov 4 02:10:12 GMT 2019

Hello Philippe,

let me only correct one of your claims:

On 11/04/19 02:11, Philippe Cloutier wrote:
> As for the more delicate issue, many reports I filed recently against
> were mishandled. In fact, most of them were, and that is
> all due to one individual's actions. This can be seen below:

The bug triaging team has several individuals. Myself, I can only spent
some hours per week to go through bugzilla mails, and cannot comment on
all new tickets filed. But I do read all mails that are incoming.

When a bug triager resolves an issue, I quickly review their actions,
and if there is anything wrong with it, I try to correct it, or add a

I can imagine that I am not the only triager that reads those
conversations. If anyone in the community would disagree with the
actions by bug triagers, I would expect them to intervene. This has
happened in the past, and will also happen in the future.

So please don't finger-point to individual members in the community
unless you were talking to them only in private.

With the open discussion threads we have on bugzilla, you can be sure
that many others in the community will follow the discussion and review
the actions made there. If there was anything wrong with the actions
made by individuals from the bug triaging team, be assured that others
would join the discussion or correct the actions.

Additionally, you might have noticed that system administrators have
removed themself from most of the discussion threads you referenced,
because they don't see the need (or don't have the resources) to
address the issues you described, if they can be seen as issues at all.

Christoph Feck
KDE Bug Triaging Team

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