Issues with the issue tracking system

Philippe Cloutier chealer at
Mon Nov 4 01:11:58 GMT 2019

Dear community,
I am facing 2 issues with the ITS which I cannot solve myself currently.

Over the last months, I requested the "severity" (importance) of several 
tickets to be adjusted:

No adjustment was done yet. Please either:
1. Solve
2. Allow more developers to modify the field
3. Or perform the requested changes

#3 would already be appreciated, but I recommend more as 6/6 over 2 
weeks after the latest request was done visibly signals a systemic issue.

As for the more delicate issue, many reports I filed recently against were mishandled. In fact, most of them were, and that is 
all due to one individual's actions. This can be seen below:

This has been going on for more than a month now, and I now hesitate to 
keep contributing, as I feel many of my contributions would go through 
the trash. I believe I made a fair effort at solving this with simple 
communication, as can be seen in #411285 and #412299, but that avenue 
appears to be insufficient.

On the other hand, I saw the same individual contribute positively 
shortly before, and one who looks well will find a few positive 
contributions even in the above. Health is not my profession, and I do 
not know enough about him to make any kind of diagnosis. It may be that 
this individual is simply due for a break. On the other hand, the 
misunderstanding around which the vast majority of this gravitates is 
not new:
I have not performed a comprehensive review of his recent actions in 
KDE, and am hesitant to make any specific recommendation.

Has this individual's case been under discussion, and if not, can others 
more aware of his full activities tell which remedies they find best?

Philippe Cloutier

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